LifeWorks to Law School

Recent graduate Alex Beato learned what the value of a Berry education truly meant to her through years of academic internships, work opportunities and mentors.

“Berry has made an incredible difference in my life,” Alex says. “I knew I was getting an opportunity of a lifetime when I chose to come here, but never did I imagine I would have the experience these past four years have given me.”

Alex will attend the Georgia State University College of Law in the fall where she plans to focus on international law.

A Cumming, Ga., native, Alex knew after her first week at Berry that a career in government and politics was in her future. As a political science major with minors in both economics and psychology, Alex understood how involvement outside of the classroom could cultivate her professional development.

Taking advantage of Berry’s Lifeworks program, Alex worked on the Krannert Center Activities Board, defining the Berry experience for her fellow students by helping to coordinate events. She took a job at the Office of Admission as a tour guide and in her senior year was promoted to Student Admissions Counselor, where she led information sessions, supervised the student work team and worked closely with the football team in their recruitment efforts.

“I started out at Berry with minimal work experience,” Alex says. “Now, I get to say that I have worked with everyone from prospective high school students, to current Berry students, football coaches and parents.”

Alex learned to apply the skills she gained in the classroom, and acquired hands-on experience in law after serving as one of two legal interns for Berry’s in-house counsel, Danny Price.

“Due to my work experience I feel incredibly comfortable walking into interviews and adapting to new experiences,” Alex says.

There was no shortage of mentors for Alex during her time at Berry, but the person who influenced her the most was the late, Dana Professor of Political Science Peter Lawler.

“He used to always write on my tests to come see him in his office hours, but I never really paid much attention to these notes until he sent me an email at 12:10 AM the Wednesday of my sophomore spring break,” Alex says. “He told me that I needed to visit his office hours because I ‘actually have serious political philosophy talent’ and he wanted me to take it seriously.”

Inspired by Dr. Lawler’s encouragement, Alex began to dive deeper into her understanding of political science and government.

“He made me think deeper about various topics, reminded me that there was usually more than one answer to a question, and pushed me to be a better student and a better person,” says Alex.


Written by sophomore Faythe Choate

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