Berry alum thrives teaching kinesiology at LSU

Berry alum and LSU Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Elizabeth “Kip” Webster (09C) always tells people about what a special place Berry is.

“Smaller class sizes allowed for a lot of feedback from faculty members which helped in improving [my] writing and critical thinking [skills],” Kip says. These skills proved beneficial to her in graduate school and conducting research. Kip found that the atmosphere at Berry was always one that promoted success and personal improvement. She loved that Berry had “a great learning environment and a good place to grow academically and personally.”

Kip had several strong mentors at Berry including Professors Janna Johnson and Alan Hughes. Both played an instrumental part in contributing to her success. She also completed research projects with Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology John Azar-Dickens, including training a group to walk the Berry half-marathon.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Kip went on to complete a master’s degree in kinesiology and a doctoral degree in exercise science. She teaches youth physical activity, fitness and school health promotion at Louisiana State University.

Story by Saif Sarfani (18C)

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