Berry entrepreneurs win first place in pitch contest

Junior Josh Cutter (18c) and senior Chris Whitmire (17c) are the winners of the Southeast Entrepreneurship Conference “pitch” contest. The $2000 winning pitch? Their business Ambedo – a software platform that creates files to produce customized prosthetic hands via 3D printing. Josh and Chris got their start together in HackBerry Lab, Berry’s on-campus makerspace which enables students to come in with their own innovative ideas and pursue those ideas using existing tools and resources. Thanks to skilled faculty in creative technologies and entrepreneurship classes, Josh and Chris learned how to utilize 3D printing and create a feasible, sustainable business model around their idea. Their design process has already benefited a local Marietta, Ga., boy who wears his hand regularly. Ambedo has a bright future and is sure to help countless people to feel empowered in their daily lives.


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